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Flexibility Is The Key To Great Sex

Flexibility Is The Key To Great Sex        Hey guys. In today’s blog, we’ll go further into our Keys To Great Sex series with a great topic I call Flexibility is the Key. We all know that lifting weights to get that chiseled look or jogging to increase stamina and even eating the right […]

Great Fitness Equals Great Sex!

Great Fitness Equals Great Sex! Post By Will Manuel      Hey guys it’s Will, due to the type of questions I’ve been receiving from Sure-Growth Members ( to submit a question) I thought I would take the time to give you one of the best kept secrets to having killer sex. Drum roll please… Fitness. […]

How To Get The Girl…

A little Q&A… The Approach. Post By Don Manuel   Good day Gentlemen. It’s Don Manuel here and I’m going to start today’s discussion off with a fundamental problem many of you are having, The approach.      Roy F. From Ontario Canada had this problem ; “I have trouble talking to women unless its in […]

Between Us Guys…

Between Us Guys… Post By Don Manuel      So you finally went ahead and got yourself a copy of Will Manuel’s Sure-Growth Guide eh? There are few things on this planet that can increase a Man’s confidence as much and as quickly as obtaining a few more inches to his most prized possession. But there […]