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A Healthy Lifestyle Starts In The Mind

If we don’t have a healthy mindset, how can we live a healthy lifestyle? A lot of the time we are just living our lives going with the flow and don’t even realize we have an unhealthy mindset. The mindset that has me reaching for an order of french fries instead of a salad, or […]

5 Healthy Breakfast Recipes to Start Your Day Off Right!

Tired of that same old bowl of cereal every morning? So are we! Here are 5 easy to make and super healthy breakfast recipes you’re sure to enjoy! 1. Sweet and Salty Granola Bowl   Bake a cookie sheet full of this tasty granola and eat with (almond or soy) milk or yogurt. Yields: 12 […]

3 Fig Recipes To Boost Your Libido

Hey guys it’s Will. Today I’m going to give you 3 delicious fig recipes that will not only taste fantastic but will also give your libido a significant boost. I’m a huge fan of figs, some of my earliest childhood moments are of me eating jars of preserved figs my Grand Mother would bring back […]

5 Avocado Recipes To Boost Your Libido

Hey guys, if you’ve read the Sure-Growth Guide you know that one of the best libido enhancing foods is avocado. I’ve received several emails from guys looking for ideas on how to prepare this delicious fruit. In this blog post, I’m going to give you guys 5 of my favorite avocado recipes to boost your […]

Flexibility Is The Key To Great Sex

Flexibility Is The Key To Great Sex        Hey guys. In today’s blog, we’ll go further into our Keys To Great Sex series with a great topic I call Flexibility is the Key. We all know that lifting weights to get that chiseled look or jogging to increase stamina and even eating the right […]

Car Of The Future… Today.

Tesla Model S Post By Will Manuel        If you’re close to my age (early 30’s) you might remember a pretty popular 80’s cartoon called The Jetsons. The Jetsons were a family from the future whose lives were entirely immersed in technology. From robot maids to houses sitting miles in the air towering over […]

Kale… The Superfood

Kale… The Superfood Post By Will Manuel       When you hear the word “Superfood” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If you thought of a type of food that would give you, super speed, or even superhuman strength you were right. If you thought Mario’s Magic Mushroom, you were wrong…lol 🙂 I’m always […]

Great Fitness Equals Great Sex!

Great Fitness Equals Great Sex! Post By Will Manuel      Hey guys it’s Will, due to the type of questions I’ve been receiving from Sure-Growth Members ( to submit a question) I thought I would take the time to give you one of the best kept secrets to having killer sex. Drum roll please… Fitness. […]

How To Get The Girl…

A little Q&A… The Approach. Post By Don Manuel   Good day Gentlemen. It’s Don Manuel here and I’m going to start today’s discussion off with a fundamental problem many of you are having, The approach.      Roy F. From Ontario Canada had this problem ; “I have trouble talking to women unless its in […]

Between Us Guys…

Between Us Guys… Post By Don Manuel      So you finally went ahead and got yourself a copy of Will Manuel’s Sure-Growth Guide eh? There are few things on this planet that can increase a Man’s confidence as much and as quickly as obtaining a few more inches to his most prized possession. But there […]