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Car Of The Future… Today.

Tesla Model S

Post By Will Manuel

     If you’re close to my age (early 30’s) you might remember a pretty popular 80’s cartoon called The Jetsons. The Jetsons were a family from the future whose lives were entirely immersed in technology. From robot maids to houses sitting miles in the air towering over the smog and pollution of the bustling society below. But, the most exciting piece of technology they had for my friends and I were the flying cars.

I remember hearing people say “In the near future we’ll have flying cars just like the Jetsons.”, and I believed them. What can I say, I was just a kid. Now it’s 2016 and we still don’t have flying cars, but we do have something almost as good.

Today I want to do something a little different. I want to showcase what I hope to be the future of automobiles (and the death of fossil fuels and me paying for gas), The Tesla Model S.

This innovative piece of machinery is the first 100% electric sedan and it just so happens to be my dream car. Here’s why…



     Model S, the first fully electric sedan, is an evolution in automotive engineering. Combining performance, safety, and efficiency, it has reset the world’s expectations for the car of the 21st century with the highest possible safety ratings, the longest range of any electric vehicle, and over-the-air software updates that continuously make it better.

Tesla Architecture


     Built on the Tesla platform, the battery’s location on the floor gives Model S an extremely low center of gravity, greatly reducing the risk of rollover while at the same time enhancing handling and performance. Without an engine, Model S has a crumple zone much larger than other performance sedans to absorb the energy of a front-end impact.


Model S is one of the safest cars on the road. Much of its safety is owed to the unique electric drivetrain that sits beneath the car. Model S has a low center of gravity, minimizing rollover risk. Model S’s safety record is proven by its NHTSA and Euro NCAP 5-star safety rating along with setting a record of the lowest likelihood of injury to occupants when tested in the United States.

With standard active safety features including automatic emergency braking, collision warning, blind-spot detection, lane departure warning, and optional convenience features like traffic-aware cruise control, autosteer, autopark, and summon, Model S remains the safest car on the road.

Electric All-Wheel Drive With two motors, one in the front and one in the rear, Model S digitally and independently controls torque to the front and rear wheels. The result is unparalleled traction control in all conditions. Unlike conventional all-wheel-drive vehicles that sacrifice fuel efficiency for increased traction, Tesla’s Electric All-Wheel Drive system increases efficiency.


Reaching 0-60 mph in a mere 2.8 seconds, Model S is the quickest four-door sedan ever built.

Superior handling is the result of an extremely low center of gravity, thanks to the battery pack along with the floor pan, centered between the axles. No other production car has a more ideal placement of mass for optimal handling.


Without an internal combustion engine, Model S allows for additional cargo space and offers a spacious cabin fitting five adults and two children (rear-facing jump seats).

Touch Screen

The 17” center touchscreen seamlessly integrates media, navigation, communications, cabin control, and vehicle data into one intuitive interface. Many functions are mirrored on the instrument panel and are voice-activated to focus the driver’s attention on the road.


Model S allows you to travel anywhere without using a drop of gasoline. The EPA rates the efficiency of Model S as equivalent to 90 mpg.

Over-The-Air Software Updates

Over-the-air software updates add functionality, enhance performance, and improve the driving experience of Tesla vehicles. Similar to how you receive updates to your smartphone, Model S owners receive updates to their car remotely without visiting a service center. The ability to receive these updates is free for the life of the vehicle. Software update 7.0 included Autopilot capabilities. This is just one example of how the entire Tesla fleet can receive an update and provide revolutionary new features for the owner in just a few hours.


Model S Specs





  • Free long-distance travel using Tesla’s Supercharger network
  • Mobile connector with 110 volt, 240 volts, and J1772 adapters


  • 17″ capacitive touchscreen with digital instrument cluster
  • Onboard maps and navigation with free updates for 7 years
  • Automatic keyless entry
  • WiFi and Internet connectivity
  • Mobile app remote control
  • Automatic Xenon headlights
  • Retracting door handles
  • One-touch power windows
  • High definition backup camera
  • Rain-sensing automatic windshield wipers
  • GPS enabled Homelink
  • Hands-free talking with Bluetooth
  • Voice-activated controls
  • AM, FM, and Internet streaming radio
  • Available Ultra High Fidelity Sound package with XM radio support
  • Electrochromatic mirrors
  • Power folding, heated side mirrors with memory
  • Two USB ports for media and power
  • 12-volt power outlet
  • Twelve-way power-adjustable, heated front seats with memory and driver profile
  • Available subzero weather package with heated rear seats and wiper blade and windshield washer fluid defrosters
  • The front trunk (no engine!), rear trunk, and 60/40 folding rear seats with 63.3 cubic feet of storage


  • Daytime running lights
  • Available Smart Air Suspension for raising and lowering the ride height
  • Eight airbags for driver and passenger heads, knees, and pelvis plus two side curtain airbags
  • Electronic stability and traction control
  • Four-wheel antilock disc brakes with the electronic parking brake
  • Front and side collision avoidance
  • Blindspot warning
  • Lane departure warning
  • Parking sensors
  • Speed limit display
  • Three-second row LATCH attachments for child seat installations (accommodates three child seats simultaneously: two with LATCH and one with top tether and belt)

Autopilot Convenience Features add

  • Traffic-aware cruise control
  • Automatic lane centering and changing
  • Parking space detection
  • Self parallel parking
  • Automatic high/low beam headlights

Premium Interior and Lighting adds

  • Fit and finish refinements, including the use of higher quality materials and ambient lighting
  • Power liftgate
  • Fog and cornering lights
  • Lighted door handles
  • Interior accent lighting
  • Model S photos

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     As you can see this is one hell of a car, and with a price tag starting at $70k it looks like it’ll be my dream car for a little longer lol. I hope you guys enjoyed the Tesla Model S review, see you next time.

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