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How To Get The Girl…

A little Q&A… The Approach.

Post By Don Manuel

  Good day Gentlemen. It’s Don Manuel here and I’m going to start today’s discussion off with a fundamental problem many of you are having, The approach.

     Roy F. From Ontario Canada had this problem ; “I have trouble talking to women unless its in a controlled setting like in a classroom or something like that and half of the time she has a bf, can you give me advice on how I can approach women please?”

     The approach is both the hardest and simplest part of the chat up. Hardest because it carries with it the potential of awkwardness and rejection. Simplest because the act of approaching someone is one you’ve already done thousands upon thousands of times before, you’re simply walking up to someone you haven’t met and saying hello. We’ve all done that before right? Of course we have. Chatting up a girl is no different.

You spot her in a crowd or a grocery store or wherever you may be, you make eye contact with her and smile your warmest most confident (non-creepy) smile. More often than not ( about 83% of the time or another made up number) she’ll smile right back. Then you walk over and say hello, then she says “hi” in her high pitched girly voice, and viola! She has been approached. I told you it would be simple.

     Now the thing about the approach is that you’re eventually going to say something corny and there will be some awkwardness. Don’t despair, people say corny shit all the time, the girl in question has most likely said some corny shit that same day, so you’re in good company. At this stage you want to keep it very simple and respectful, introduce yourself and ask her name, pay her a little compliment. Ask her sincere questions about herself and get her talking.

The key is to get that back and forth flow going between you, once you start vibing with each other you’ll know its time to kick it up a notch. The more you approach girls the better you’ll be at it so in you’re average day take every chance you get to say a few words to any girl you pass by.

You don’t have to say anything clever and it doesn’t have to be a girl you like, its just to get your skills up, so get out there and say hello to at least ten chicks a day. Be straightforward and sincere and I promise you will see results.

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