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Between Us Guys…

Between Us Guys…

Post By Don Manuel

     So you finally went ahead and got yourself a copy of Will Manuel’s Sure-Growth Guide eh? There are few things on this planet that can increase a Man’s confidence as much and as quickly as obtaining a few more inches to his most prized possession. But there are some of you out there who need more. You have a dick that makes all the little women shudder in awe and anticipation at the mere sight of it, but your still too shy to whip it out and put your cards on the table, and for us here at that simply will not do.

Hi I’m Don Manuel, and when my brother Will Manuel told me of some of the emails he was receiving on the art of seduction, he decided it was time to sit you all down and have that talk. To give you a bit on my background, I’m not a sex guru, I’m not a player or pimp or pick up artist. I’m not going to give u any pansy ass hypnotic patterns to say to random blondes at the club. I’m not a relationship expert nor am I a psychologist, I don’t wear a lab coat or a badge. My advice comes from the foxholes, straight from the pits, the battlefield we call love and I have all the battle scars to prove it, also the battle trophies to go along with them.

I can get any women I want, anyway I want them. I have women come over to my house in the middle of the night for the sole purpose of massaging my back, fixing me dinner and taking care of my Manly needs. There’s no secret to this, no magic word or psycho talk. All you need is what your god gave you. your fucking balls. So I will be giving the tips and strategies to unleash your inner beast, destroy your inner bitch, and getting you all the pussy you can possibly pillage. Just bring your questions to the FAQ section ( and I will answer them, just be aware of the fact that I wont go easy on you, I cant stand the fact that so many of you good desirable men have gone without simply because no one has shared with you this most basic skill every man should know, how to be a conqueror. Check for my blog once a month and be blessed. Let the journey begin……..

As Always if you want your questions answered on the blog let us know. Send your questions to